• Can you free up your collectors and recover more?

    As the world slides even further into difficult times with rapidly rising prices, interest rate hikes and maybe even recession the staff of many collections departments must be expected to become even busier than they already are.  It has become more important than ever to ensure their productivity is maximised and they are not working […]

  • The Impact of Real-World Credentials

    The Impact of Real-World Credentials It’s started – the avalanche (or steady flow, at least) of enquiries and client wins. KM2 is now seeing the fruits of its labours pay off as our results begin to convince the market that Jackdaw™ Analytics and Contextual Evaluation Theory™ collections techniques yield value where traditional collections have hit […]

  • Fraud’s Impact on Collections and Recoveries

    April 2022 It seems that hardly a day passes without another frightening statistic appearing in the press detailing fraud losses by government, individuals or businesses. The scale of the problem (and the inadequacy of the resources devoted to combatting it) is routinely described as mind-boggling, staggering and a host of similar adjectives.  Fraud is clearly […]

  • KM2 appoints Brian Kinch as its new CEO

    January 2021 KM2 Ethical Finance has announced the appointment of Brian Kinch as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Brian Kinch joins the company from Visa Europe where he was Executive Director, Ecosystem Risk.  Kinch has over 30 years of experience in financial services having served in senior positions for such giants as HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group […]

  • Fraud in the Covid-19 world

    January 2021 With COVID-19 vaccinations being administered as quickly as possible and countries beginning to lift restrictions put into place to limit the virus’s spread, many organizations around the world are preparing for a post-pandemic reality. However, shifts in business operations, economic impacts and changes in consumer behavior due to the pandemic will likely remain […]

  • The story across the UK regions

    August 2020 Our latest results from the KPMG Fraud Barometer have just been published covering January to June 2020. The Fraud Barometer has been tracking fraud trends since the 1980s and analysis of cases has continually identified trends in the types of fraud that have dominated courts. The bi‐annual Barometer identifies the latest fraud trends […]