The Impact of Real-World Credentials

It’s started – the avalanche (or steady flow, at least) of enquiries and client wins. KM2 is now seeing the fruits of its labours pay off as our results begin to convince the market that Jackdaw™ Analytics and Contextual Evaluation Theory™ collections techniques yield value where traditional collections have hit a brick wall.

In the early days it seemed like a good idea to our prospects but not sufficiently certain of results to warrant spending time and resources extracting data for a trial run. There was always something more urgent or better on which to focus. People were too busy, too sceptical, too worried about reputational risks and regulatory issues. Now that we can demonstrate over £2.5m collected against a portfolio of £35m (so, 7% and climbing) it starts to resonate with them in a wholly new way. Now they can see that dead debts, previously fully charged-off and valueless to them, can bring the sort of returns previously only seen in 1st or 2nd placement collections and at least 5 times the results seen by “conventional” collections agencies.

The success of our analytics and approach at segregating the malicious credit abusers from those who have fallen on harder times also means we have not seen a rise in affordability or other complaints. Our clients have recovered money without creating new problems and all collections have been undertaken with partners whose regulatory credentials are unrivalled. Moreover, we do not require upfront payment for analysing or collecting the debt – we have demonstrated it works so we can embark on a project for a client at no financial risk to them. We share in the rewards but shoulder the financial risk.
If you have a parcel of debts that broadly fit the profile below, then you should be speaking to us on +44 1702 789503 or by emailing us at

Ideal debt profile:

  • Minimum of 1,000 debts
  • Balances between £500 and £7,000
  • Still within statute of limitations
  • No collections activity for 6 months or more
  • Not flagged as vulnerable or subject to known insolvency proceedings (IVA, bankruptcy, etc)
  • Debts have not been sold

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