Taking identification to predictive confidence

Jackdaw™ advanced analytics from KM2 has been refined over many years to address the issues inherent in identifying willful or opportunistic fraud and misappropriated credit, using the data to back-propagate onboarding and account management tools.

Jackdaw™ Analytics analyzes your historical data to:

  • Provide customized feedback on your portfolio characteristics
  • Identify with confidence those accounts likely to be fraudulent
  • Refine your fraud definitions to be the most appropriate for your organization
  • Strategy for the collection of fraudulently obtained debts
  • Inform account onboarding measures to reduce the incidence of First-Party Fraud
  • Inform account management measures to further manage out First-Party Fraud
  • Provide clearly defined KPI’s to report to regulators on progress in First-Party Fraud management
  • Give management a confident propensity-to-pay score for all accounts
  • Build a long-term and adaptable analytics capability

Utilizing historical data to refine definitions, identify specific behaviours, inform collection strategies and provide feedback outputs.

Get ahead of the game now with Jackdaw™ Analytics.